Consulting and freelance work

Hire me for an analysis or a data story, order a UX audit for analytics products, or book me as a consultant and sparing partner for your data project


Data analysis and data journalism

  • You have an interesting dataset but lack technical skills to perform an advanced analysis using data science methods.
  • You have only an idea for an analysis but lack the data.
  • I look up the available datasets, perform the analysis and deliver you the analysis results or write the whole data story.

Data visualization and storytelling

  • You have interesting data, but struggle to present it as a beautiful and meaningful data visualization.
  • I create static charts, visual reports and tailored visualizations based on your data.
  • I design dashboards, interactive articles and “explorative explanations”.
  • I help you choose the right tool for your project.

UX audit and product design for analytics

  • You developed an analytics product or a new report, but you are not happy about the usability.
  • Your stakeholders are asking “So what?”
  • I evaluate analytics applications such as dashboards, reports and products in terms of usability and analytic accuracy.
  • I redesign existing analytics applications and reports.

What you can expect

Collaborative, interactive way of working: I heavily use methods coming from UX research, design thinking and other mapping techniques that engage different team members and stakeholders to merge the knowledge and align on the goals.

Embrace the problem, not the solution: my focus is on humans involved and on a business case, not on a technology or a particular solution.

Fairness: Down-to-the-earth approach, clear deliverables, transparent pricing.

Critical thinking: I don’t give in to a hype and offer you a critical, pragmatic view on ideas, solutions, products.