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Workshops and Training


Data visualization and storytelling

I am an experienced teacher of data visualization and data storytelling. I offer several workshop packages tailored to the needs of analysts and developers, as well as a data storytelling workshop for a general audience.

Interdisciplinary workshops

I offer interdisciplinary workshops that build a bridge between different specializations, such as:

  • Applied machine learning for academics.
  • Scientific method and analytics for developers.
  • UX for data scientists.

Custom workshops

I will be happy to prepare and deliver a custom tailored workshop on a topic related to data science.


I facilitate discovery workshops for analytics using a variety of collaborative discovery methods such as Design Thinking and EventStorming.

Examples of past workshops

My experience includes designing and teaching of:

  • A 15-week data visualization course, targeted for mid-bachelor-level data scientists
  • Multiple data visualization workshops for the participants of a JS developer bootcamp
  • Crash-courses on data visualization for scientific communication
  • Data visualization workshops for a broad audience, eg. at Impact Hub Zurich
  • Crash-courses of Quarto for scientific communication, eg. Coffee Lecture at the ETH Library
  • A half-day data storytelling course at a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) for experienced data professionals
  • Workshops on particular aspects of data science, eg. a Workshop on statistical feature engineering led together with Magdalena Surówka at Applied Machine Learning Days 2021 in Lausanne, or a 2-day workshop on machine learning for astrophysicists
  • Multiple workshops co-prepared and co-run together with the WiMLDS Zurich
  • Many internal workshops led at a client site e.g. as part of the requirements collection process

I am constantly improving my skills by attending workshops myself, e.g. Design Sprint training by DAY8, UX and Design Thinking workshops by Bonanza Design, Problem Framing Training by Design Sprint Academy, EventStorming Remote Modelling by Avanscoperta.

Keynotes and Talks

I deliver keynotes, impulse lectures and take part in panel discussions on topics related to AI, data science, in particular when concerning the impact of data on society and the human side of data science.

Some past assignments include:

Watch Online

Workshop at Impact Hub Zurich, 2020
Talk on the Swiss edition of World Usability Days, 2020
NormConf Lightning Talk, 2022
Coffee Lecture at the ETH Library, 2022
An impulse lecture about AI in Academia at the ETH Library, 2023 (in German) link